The Chabad - Aleph House

"New, Exciting and Interactive"


Services include Shabbat, Holiday, Sunday & Thursday) services. 

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Welcome to the Chabad-Aleph house. We are so happy to have you join us. We are a diverse, yet tightly knit group of people interested in learning more about Judaism.

Our services are open to everyone. Yes, you read that right; everyone.This is a little Shul (synagogue) with a big heart.

Founded under the direction of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of blessed memory and based upon his principles of Chassidic teaching. The Rebbe showed respect and acceptance to all of humanity.

When you visit our shul, you will find some literature about some synagogue practices, as well as head coverings and prayer shawls should you wish to use them.

The Rabbis will do their best to answer any questions you may have and their classes and sermons provide Jewish insight into how to live a more meaningful life.

The prayer services are a wonderful combination of relaxed and interactive, they resonate with the musical voice of three thousand years of rich cultural history.


Come in, and welcome home! 

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Rabbi Hesh Epstein     Rabbi Meir Muller      Rabbi Levi Marrus