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I'd like to attend the following program(s):

 Home Depot Menorah Workshop on Sunday, December 15 at 12:45pm       This event is free but RSVP is necessary.  

 Statehouse Menorah Lighting on Monday, December 23 at 5:45pm      This event is free and is not necessary to RSVP but helpful.

 ** After-party at Good Life Cafe on Monday, December 23 at 6:30pm             This is a paid event via Good Life Cafe (Click Here to RSVP)

 Giant Menorah Lighting and party on Tuesday, December 24 at 5:30 pm   This is event is $, $12/child, 5 yrs and under are free. 

How many people will attend? 

1 Adult 2 Adults 3 Adults 

 1 Child    2 Children  3 Children


I would like to help sponsor these programs.

Sponsor - $180

Sponsor- Other

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I will send a check made out to: Chabad Aleph House and mail it to:

Chabad Aleph House 2509 Decker Blvd Columbia, SC 29206.

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